Secure storage and compliance with all existing regulations. We assure the safety, stability and reliability of our payment platforms.
Linking business systems and consolidating data can seem overwhelming but system integration is much easier than you think
With our technology and in-depth knowledge, we provide a reliable payment geteway your business needs to run smoothly and efficiently.
Flexible and scalable payment solution. Based on a service model that fits your business.
Fraud & Risk Management
We apply risk scoring and routing logic to different segments and criteria with our payment solution.
24*7 hours support
24*7 support on order and payment related issues is provided as standard.
Suitable Payment Methods
We accept the most popular local payment methods through our payments integration
More solutions than you can handle
Payment Gateway
Hosted or integrated
QR Payment
Recurring Billing
Pay by links
Alternative Payment for E-Commerce
Offer your customers a variety of payment options online.
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Exclusive service for logistic partners
Cash on delivery(COD)offers you a convenient payment method that guarantees payment for your goods upon delivery.
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Instant Payout
Issue timely, Secure, Single payout to your customers
Bulk Payout
Payout to multiple recipients online simultaneously
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  • Card Payment
  • Bill Payment
  • Internet/Mobile Payment
  • Online Direct Debit
  • Digital Wallets
Financial Services
And more…
Data Encryption
Data Protection
Fraud Management
Risk Management